Halo Cycles has a sister company, Halo Films. So because of that we are delighted to sell the amazing SunnyCam Video Sunglasses.

Owner, Peter Georgi’s first passion was cycling but when he sadly couldn’t make a full time living riding a bike he turned to film making. 10 years at the BBC making shows like Tomorrow’s World, The Human Body, QED and Walking With Cavemen saw him travel the world filming the extra ordinary and remarkable. At Halo Films he continues that tradition making films for the sports, medical and financial sectors.

SunnyCam cameras bring the two worlds together. A British company, SunnyCam created the first camera eyewear (long before Google Glass was a twinkle in the eye). Designed to be worn and used the three different versions come with three different fields of view. The Sport Edition gives you the widest field of view with 150 degree. Xtreme is the most robust, with a tight field of view its perfect for fast moving, exhilarating sports. SunnyCam Activ is perfect for general outdoor life with a mid range 90 degree field of view.

All SunnyCams come with built in rechargeable batteries and can be viewed, edited and posted on PC’s and Macs.