• Rido LT
    Medial lift and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area; Variations in th rider-saddle impact zone for overall comfort; Enhanced on-the-saddle-location and power delivery to the pedals. Available in either black or white.
  • Rido R2Rido R2

    Rido R2

    The shape of conventional saddles (with or without centre grooves, channels, recesses etc) leave you with no option other than to take the downward force of your bodyweight on your perineum. With the RIDO R2, specifically designed to give both lift (and thereby pressure relief on the perineal area) and variations in the impact zone between rider and saddle, you have the choice as to how much pressure, if any, you want to bear down on that sensitive area of your anatomy simply by slightly adjusting the saddle's angle of tilt.