Halo Cycles is a specialist Kreitler Rollers dealer. Beautifully made and engineered to last they are more than just rollers. We think they are the best money can buy.

Traditionally turbo trainers – and now direct drive, internet enabled i-trainers have been the only way to get resistance – essential for working with power. Rollers on the other hand help you work on cadence and warm up at races.

But there is a problem. Turbo trainers hold you and your bike still, which means all you have to do is pedal. Rollers require you to balance, requiring the use of a whole range of muscles and senses to stay upright. If only you could match the two? Well with Kreitler you can.

Kreitler rollers come in three different barrel sizes and you can add a fly wheel too – meaning you can have all the resistance you want. 20 minute Sweet Spot sessions and 3 min VO2 Max efforts can now be done on your rollers, no matter how strong you are.

With a Kreitler set up you get that road-ride feeling and you acquire skills and strength in more than just the legs. There is no doubt, a winter on Kreitler will improve your cycling skill and efficiency way more than a winter on the turbo.